Jamia Ummu Qura Kokan Student Care Services

Jamia Ummu Qura Kokan online Academy for Quran & Arabic Language always cares about their students. We want that our Students always feel good about our services, classes, teacher, fees policies, and online classes timing. Our Student support team actively responds all the inquiries and queries of our students, Jamia Ummu Qura Kokan take actions and resolve your issues or queries. To make sure to provide the best Student support services and provide possible feedback against the Student queries.


Privacy Policy

  • We care about our students, teachers, and employee’s data and privacy. Our student’s data, personal information, and other personal details are valuable for us. Jamia Ummu Qura Kokan team take very good care of their data and give importance to protect their privacy.
  • Jamia Ummu Qura Kokan assure their students, teachers, and employee that our organization will not sell or redistribute your personal details, data, email, Phone numbers and other information to anyone. As it’s our responsibility to take care of your personal information.
  • If you have questions or concerns related to this privacy policy, feel free to contact us with our support team.